The North Dakota Public Finance Authority (Authority) was established in 1975 as the North Dakota Municipal Bond Bank (NDCC 6-.09.4). The Authority makes loans to North Dakota political subdivisions which allows qualified borrowers to realize cost savings. Subject to credit and program requirements, a loan can be made to a political subdivision for any purpose for which the political subdivision has the legal authority to borrow money. 

The Authority, which is under the operation, control and management of the Industrial Commission of North Dakota, is a self-supporting state agency. The costs and expenses of operation of the Authority are financed with earnings on program assets and fees paid by participating political subdivisions.



Examples of eligible borrowers include: cities, counties, public school districts, townships, fire districts, airport authorities, park districts, water districts and water resource districts.

Examples of types of projects financed include: water, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, roads, sidewalks, public facilities, airport improvements, schools, public housing nursing home and more.

Construction and cash flow financing

Refinancing USDA Rural Development loans, commercial loans and other bonds